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Side by Side Rentals

Side by Side Rentals

At Bigfoot Adventure Rentals in Salida, CO, side by side rentals start at just $350 for a half-day rental, or upgrade to a full-day rental for just $150 more. We currently carry the RZR line of UTVs by Polaris for side by side rentals. The Polaris RZR XP 1000: Trails & Rocks Edition comfortably seats 2, with additional carrying space for supplies. As the name suggests, this UTV easily handles adverse conditions, both off-road and along rocky trails. With a 110-horsepower engine, and sturdy 29-inch tires, the RZR XP 1000 has no trouble overcoming obstacles that would stop a smaller vehicle. 

Enjoy a beautiful, fun-filled day exploring the Colorado backcountry with your best friend, courtesy of Bigfoot Adventure Rentals.

Trails near Salida, CO

Salida is a small town of a few thousand people. It lies in the Rocky Mountains, 2-3 hours’ drive southwest of Denver. You’ll find it just off Colorado State Highway 50. It is a starting point for dozens of local trails of varying lengths and terrain types. Here are a few of the trails designated for off-road driving – exactly the kind of terrain side by side rentals handle with ease.

No matter your level of skill, we recommend that you stay on the trail at all times.

Aspen Ridge OHV Trail

Aspen Ridge, considered a moderately challenging trail, is designated for both camping and off-road driving. It’s the perfect trail to try out the RZR XP 1000. Although the trail is only 28 miles long, the terrain becomes difficult to traverse in places. As a result, the average time to clear the whole trail is several days.

Learn about Aspen Ridge

Tincup Pass

This trail was used in the 1880s to move goods between the towns of Tincup and St. Elmo. It’s only 12 miles, but the rough terrain means a UTV is the ideal vehicle to travel it. Some amazing views can be seen on this trail, so take lots of pictures.

Old Monarch Pass Road

This is one of the easier trails. Old Monarch Pass is wide, and the terrain is easily handled by the average car. If you’re looking for a relaxing, easy day in the backcountry, you’ll find that on Old Monarch Pass Road.

Alpine Tunnel Road

Alpine Tunnel is another easy trail. It goes through a former mining tunnel that was completed in 1881. Remnants of the Frontier-era mining towns of Quartz and Woodstock can be seen along the trail, including a water tower and a defunct train station.

Expert trails in Salida, CO

The previously-mentioned trails all range from very easy to moderate in difficulty. For the experienced off-roader or camper, there are more difficult trails to explore. One such trail is the Mount Antero trail. While you can make it down the entire trail and back in half a day, this trail has extremely rough terrain and, in some places, potentially dangerous drops. Make sure you know the difficulty of the trail you’re exploring before you embark. The most important thing out there is safety!

The Definition of UTV

What is the difference between a UTV and an ATV? It comes down to purpose. 

  • UTV stands for “utility terrain vehicle”. UTVs are meant for driving off-road and on remote trails. 
  • UTVs carry people and supplies through areas where a truck just won’t fit. They operate like cars in that they’re controlled with steering wheels and brake and gas pedals. 

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