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Side By Side For Rent Near Me

Side By Side For Rent Near Me
UTV and Side By Side For Rent

Side By Side For Rent Near Me

Come see Bigfoot Adventure Rentals in Salida, CO, for a high-quality side by side for rent near me. We carry RZR UTVs for rent by Polaris. A bright summer day is an ideal time to go explore the Colorado Backcountry with a friend or five. You’ll be able to explore dozens of local trails starting in or close to Salida. Along the way you’ll see mountains, hills, valleys, local wildlife, and even a few abandoned mining towns. Move at your own pace when you rent your very own side by side for rent near me from Bigfoot Adventure Rentals.

Two Polaris RZR Models Available

If you’re interested in a quiet outing in a side by side for rent near me, we recommend the Polaris RZR XP 1000 Trails & Rocks Edition. The XP 1000 is a two-seat model for light and speedy travel. Fly down the road with a 110-horsepower engine, while 29-inch tread tires roll over every crack, bump, and errant rock with ease. 

For an outing with the whole family, we also have the Polaris RZR Ranger 1000 Crew Edition. The Ranger 1000 seats up to six passengers – you, and five of your best friends or family members.  With all-wheel drive, a high-torque engine, and a high level of rider comfort, this powerful utility terrain vehicle offers an enjoyable ride for outdoor enthusiasts of all skill levels.

UTVs For Rent in Salida, CO

Lying around 3 hours’ drive southwest of Denver, the town of Salida rests around 14,000 feet above sea level – that’s almost three miles! Home to just under 6,000 people, Salida is at, or close to, the starting points for dozens of different trails throughout the local mountains. Mountain bikers will be pleased to know that many of our nearby trails are rated for bike travel. If you’re interested in filling out your Instagram profile, you’ll find innumerable opportunities for stunning photography along the way.

Staying in Salida

Salida is a beautiful, unique mountain town nestled in the Rocky Mountains. While the town itself may be a bit off the beaten path, it has a lot to offer. In addition to exploring the local trails on your powerful Polaris RZR UTV, you may also be interested in the local hot springs. There are five different natural hot springs within an hour of Salida, including one in the center of town. Whitewater rafting on the Arkansas River is another popular attraction. Local fishermen also see the Arkansas River as a great fishing spot.

Reserve your rental UTV today

Bigfoot Adventure Rentals is ready to help you with your Colorado backcountry adventure. Send us a message through our web site, or call (719) 221-8242 now to reserve your side by side for rent near me. Half-day Polaris RZR UTV rentals start at just $350 for a half day; or, receive maximum value when you rent for a full day for just $150 more. At Bigfoot Adventure Rentals, we welcome customers of all experience levels to come create priceless memories with friends and family in some of the most beautiful terrain in the world.

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