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Polaris RZR rentals

Polaris RZR rentals

Polaris RZR rentals from Bigfoot Adventure Rentals

Polaris rzr rentals

Bigfoot Adventure Rentals has Polaris rzr rentals in stock, with half day and full day rentals available. Explore the beautiful Colorado backcountry at your own pace with friends and family. Bring the furry family members too! Many of the local trails near our office in Salida, Colorado allow dogs onto the trail. Spend the day with a friend driving the nimble 2-seat Polaris XP RZR 1000. Or, bring the whole family on a more relaxing trip with the Ranger Crew 1000, which seats up to six. Plus, keep your snacks and drinks cool with a full-day Yeti cooler rental for just $20. Enjoy an unforgettable day exploring the beauty of the Rocky Mountains with Bigfoot Adventure Rentals.

Differences between ATV and UTV

Polaris is a respected manufacturer of UTV. We have two different models of UTV available as Polaris rzr rentals. You might think a UTV and an ATV are different names for the same thing, but they are different. A UTV, like we carry at Bigfoot Adventure Rentals, is closer to a car. The driver controls the UTV with a steering wheel, and pedals for gas and brakes. UTVs are meant for carrying supplies and people in  areas where driving a car or truck off road is impractical. An ATV, by contrast, is meant more for recreation and short-distance off road travel. They usually carry only one person, with limited space for carrying supplies, if any. The controls of an ATV are more similar to a motorcycle, with handlebars and a throttle.

Salida, CO in March

We operate out of Salida, CO, a small town in the Rocky Mountains approximately 3 hours southwest of Denver. Salida is a popular tourist destination for those looking to enjoy a day exploring the mountain trails. Toward the end of winter, things begin to warm up. The average temperature near Salida in March increases to 56 degrees Fahrenheit, up from 49 in February. You’re still likely to find snow on the trails this time of year, but the edge comes off the cold a bit. New explorers will enjoy the milder conditions of late winter.

We still recommend that you thoroughly prepare for a day out in late winter.

  • Charge your phone to 100% before embarking on your trek.
  • Wear closed-toed boots, gloves, and layered clothing.
  • Remember to bring water and snacks.
  • Stay on the trail! It will be much more difficult for rescuers to find you if you get stuck far from the main trails
  • Pace yourself. Don’t try to go farther than you feel comfortable going.

Reserve Polaris RZR rentals

Make your reservations now at Bigfoot Adventure Rentals, before we run out of Polaris RZR rentals. Take out your very own Polaris RZR UTV for a Half Day for just $350, or explore the backcountry with a Full Day rental for $500. Whether you want to spend the day with your partner, your family, or just you and your dog, you can make memories to last a lifetime with Bigfoot Adventure Rentals.

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